We have produced our first printed magazine, which you can pick up free from our restaurants and from our Italian Deli, Cotica. Alternatively all the articles are available here.


Italians are known the World over for their obsession and passion for great food. It’s an obsession we share. Italian food is in essence simple – most dishes have a few basic ingredients, therefore the quality of the produce is key. There’s nowhere to hide poor ingredients like you could with a well-spiced curry, for example.

Since we opened Firebrand Pizza in Marylebone in August 2016, we’ve built up a network of exceptional suppliers. As we grew and introduced a larger menu with the opening of our Italian restaurant Clerkenwell, so have the number of suppliers. With more of us cooking at home, it seemed natural to give people the opportunity to buy fantastic produce – hence we opened our Italian Deli, Cotica.

Few countries have such a rich gastronomic food culture as Italy and this magazine will aim to highlight regional produce, dishes and recipes. In this first edition we look at why Parma Ham and Balsamic Vinegar are so special, as well as the history and production of Parmesan Cheese.

We’ll be producing this magazine quarterly, so let us know if there are any recipes or articles you’d like to see in any future editions.

The team at Firebrand Pizza & Cotica

Buon Appetito!

The Magic of Balsamic

It takes time and patience using centuries-old techniques to produce exceptional Balsamic Vinegar. We look at how it’s done.

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